Welcome to Digital Evolution Lab, we’re a vibrant development agency helping businesses to grow through our digital services across web, mobile & tablets, optimisation, prototypes and socials.

We have teams of highly experienced developers and our clients say our approach is refreshingly open, collaborative and agile.

We work with brand, creative and design agencies, as well as businesses. We are a development partner who understands their needs, finding solutions that are creative and collaborative. We work in close communication with our clients to help them achieve their commercial objectives.

Recent work

We are proud to have worked with leaders in their industry - from The Partners to VISA, from O2, through to IPC Media, to name a few.

Here are some recent projects:

What we do & How we work


We just don't build your new website or re-skin an old one.

We provide the insight and experience your project needs with the best tools and techniques on the market in order to deliver the most innovating website ever.

Mobile apps

Mobile and Tablet native applications are nowadays the centre of the universe.

Everyone wants it! Our goal is to deliver high quality solutions for both B2B or B2C.


Speed speed speed … the internet is getting faster but many websites don't.

For us web/mobile optimisation is a must. We don't stop until we squeeze everything out of the bottle.

With a toolbox full of gems, we test and analyse your website from many different angles to deliver the greatest experience. Nobody wants to wait too long!


We don't show you a flat image with some clickable areas.

We go way further than that. A full replica UX/UI experience with the key pages/features of your site.

Through the years, we've proven that this is a money saving way to build.


We have an extensive experience with some of the major social apps on the market.

But we always push the boundaries if the client needs something more.

We look at your needs, plan it, build it and smash it!


Many people can build a website or mobile app. But to have a solid and proven development strategy makes a big difference to your budget.

We look after every single aspect of your project, suggest what best, show what works, build and deliver it.

No guess work. A process we are very proud of!

We are at the forefront of web development. We have crafted a project cycle process that helps us to deliver a high quality service - accurately planning project duration and meaning that project costs remain commercially competitive.

Who we work with

During the years we have built solid collaboration with some of the best companies around the world.

The Partners

The Partners is the UK's most consistently awarded agency over the last 30 years, with a fast-growing creative reputation in both the US and Singapore.

We've been working together for the past four years and looking forward for the future.


Doluna is a mobile messaging innovator, delivering strategic SMS solutions worldwide. Doluna provides high speed, reliable SMS delivery through a feature rich API and a bulk SMS delivery management platform. Working with strategic partners, integrators and end user businesses Doluna’s suite of mobile messaging tools provide verification, engagement and transactional messaging solutions, globally.

Digital Evolution Lab has been accredited as "Registered Partner" to provide SMS API integration for their clients.

clients we have recently worked with ...

Six Capital netOTC Visa O2

more of our clients ...

Honda HSBC DoctorWho Top Gear
Breezie Harrods Stylist IPC Media
Home Address Corbis IT Job Board

What people say about us

As a consultancy our design process is often very agile and requires flexibility to achieve the best result. The team at Digital Evolution Lab are open and collaborative. They offer real with value through their approach to problem solving and trying new ideas.

Tony Philips [Head of Digital @ "The Partners"]

Tony Philips

Digital Evolution Lab are a pleasure to work with - they are honest and thorough when assessing and responding to a brief and have a great wealth of technical knowledge. I would highly recommend them, they can be relied upon to implement the very best solution for the task in hand and will ensure that the work delivered is of the highest quality.

Ladislav Bartos [CPO (Chief Product Manager) @ "UVIC"]

Ladislav Bartos


Albion Courtyard, Greenhill's Rents,
London EC1M 6PQ

+44 (0) 20 3514 7029

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